Pregnancy, Pandemic and Face Masks



At the start of 2020 I was so excited: I was pregnant, we had big ideas for our business and we had a holiday booked in June. If you had told me that by April we would be making face masks and moving our whole business online, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Here we are in August with the little one due to arrive in 3 months and Willow blissfully oblivious to what is going on in the world.

Face Masks

The last few months have been full of uncertainty. At the start of lockdown I thought we should just wait it out, but some of you know my mum and how determined she can be; she changed the direction of the business. We made hairbands and face masks which you all loved. It was lovely to become more creative. We have been wanting to make shorts and On The Grow Short Rompers for ages and finally we could, because we weren’t attending events every weekend.

Pregnant and sad

It was so sad that I had to tell my nearest and dearest I was pregnant over the phone. I missed the hugs from everyone and I felt quite lonely. I am normally very busy: I am out at a toddler class almost every day so I see lots of people. It was weird to go from having so many weekly activities to being stuck in the house but as time went on, and with lots of support from family and friends, I am now doing well. I even have a list about how pregnancy in a Pandemic isn’t all bad:


1. You can wear what you want

I don’t need to worry about my t-shirt covering my bump. I’m chasing Willow all day so I am comfy in my baggy tops, and sliders because of my swollen feet.

2. No one touches you

I was quite lucky during my first pregnancy; no one touched my bump without an invite. But now if I’m out and about, because of Covid 19 everyone avoids me so I can go on my merry way without a care.

3. Hospital Appointments

When I am going to see the midwife or have a scan it is so quick now because they don’t want too many people in the waiting room. I have the same midwife as last time and she is lovely. She did say it was a shame we couldn’t hug when I first saw her.

4. Naps

My husband is also self employed so he has spent more time at home. I have taken advantage of this – when I feel tired I sneak away for a nap, leaving him in charge of Willow. I forgot how draining the third trimester is, or maybe it’s because I have a tornado toddler!

5. No Unsolicited Advice

When I was pregnant with Willow I surrounded myself with positive pregnancy stories. One morning I was taking my dog for a walk and a man fixing my neighbour’s fence stopped me. He told me he noticed I was pregnant (quite heavily by this point) and had a story to tell me about a horrible birth his sister had. I told him to stop because I didn’t want to hear it – good stories only! He laughed at me and I stormed off so angry and I made sure that didn’t happen again. It definitely won’t now, since I’m still social distancing.

I have an amazing family, friends and mummy friends. I can call on any one of them if I need advice, a moan or just someone to talk with. If you are pregnant and struggling, please get help! Please talk to your midwife or health visitor if you have any concerns, or join online support groups.
You don’t have to go through this by yourself!




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