About us

When I was in school I loved art class. I knew when I grew up I wanted to do something creative but I didn’t know what. I started working for my mum. She had a clothing alterations shop and I started sewing again, I had forgotten how much I had loved it. I started sewing when I was about 4 on a cute little machine, I learnt everything from my mum, she guided me how to make dresses for my dolls and soft furnishings for my room.It still blows my mind how a roll of fabric can become the most beautiful garment.

If you have met my mum you know she is an incredible woman, she is the most determined, hardworking person I know and I look up to her because she is wonderful.

Unfortunately the clothing alteration business wasn’t going well. The bills were going up and up, so we had to close. We were heartbroken because we love sewing and we thought that was it.

One day my mum phoned me, she had been going through her old patterns and she came across a pinafore pattern. It was my grandmother’s pattern from the sixties, she asked me if I remembered the dress because she had made them for my sister and I when we were younger. I vaguely remembered the dress but by the time I had popped round to my mums she had altered the pattern to make it more modern and was sewing it together. Once she finished I asked her if it was reversible because the two fabrics together looked great. She told me she had always made the dresses reversible because I was a mucky pup!

That’s how we started with our reversible dress. We love choosing two fabrics which complement each other but  still make two completely different dresses. We then add ribbons and embellishments as a finishing touch. We started selling at Loch Lomond Stores once a month.

Over the years our business grew. We started to make Princess Dresses, they are the perfect occasion dress and stunning on little girls who love to twirl. We also started making our reversible skirts, we make these in tartan, corduroy and cotton and last for so long on little ones.

In 2018 I had my daughter, Willow, and our whole business changed. She is such an active child and she grew so quickly I was always buying new leggings so we made a pair of leggings which grow with her. A pair I made her at 6 months still fit her at 18 months with plenty of growing room.

We make sustainable clothing because they last for so long. We always say we create slow fashion because we use everything. All our scrap fabric is used to create other beautiful pieces and the odds and ends with are too small are given to our crafting friends.

The great thing about running your own business is it grows and changes over the years, we can’t wait for what the future brings x