About Us

Welcome to Tiny Tots Togs where we create fun and sustainable children’s clothing.

My name is Katrina and my mum’s is Lorayn and we are Tiny Tots Togs. We are a family business based in Scotland and we make every single item ourselves.

We started our business in 2010. We began using vintage patterns to make our original Reversible Pinafore Dresses. Then in 2018 I had my first daughter Willow who inspired our Grow With Me Range. She grew out of leggings so quickly! I bought a 9-12 month pair when she was 6 months and she grew out of them in 2 weeks! THAT was the final straw! We created our Grow With Me Leggings with longevity in mind and the rest followed on from there.

After having my second daughter Ember in 2020 during the pandemic we were able to take a bit of time and start to design our own fabrics. We are so proud of our exclusive fabrics, check them out here!

It’s 2022! We have so much planned, thank you for reading this and joining us on our adventure 

Love Lorraine and Katrina x

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