Should I Release The Coo Fabric?


Tough Time

I have found self-isolation difficult. It was so easy to pop to the shops if I ran out of something or to meet some of my mummy friends for lunch. I’m missing my family and going for a long walk with my dog if it’s a nice day. But most of all I’m missing the freedom of going where I wanted when I wanted. It’s been hard to feel motivated in our business. We have made an exclusive Coo fabric and we weren’t sure if this was the right time to release our new product.

Over the last couple of days, I have decided I don’t want to feel like this anymore. It’s not fair on my husband or my daughter. Over the last few weeks, I have been living in leggings which I wear when I’m not working at the weekend and baggy jumpers. I am now wearing jeans and a t-shirt which I would wear if I was meeting friends. This is making me feel like my day has a purpose and I am getting so much more done. Willow is also joining in with this, I am dressing her in fun and colourful outfits which make me so happy when she’s causing chaos.

Coo Fabric

I am feeling so motivated now. My mum and I have been working on creating our own fabric for nearly a year. We were going to release the collection but then lockdown happened and we thought it wasn’t the right time. But it really is, we released the Coo fabric this week and our customers love it. We are so happy. I love the Princess Dress on Willow, it is stunning and so comfortable on her. She will have years of wear from this gorgeous outfit.

Rainbow Trail

My friend sent me a link to join the rainbow trail on Facebook. It’s a lovely group of people sharing their rainbow art in their windows, homes and streets. Willow is a budding artist who is enjoying colouring in my living room door with crayons so I thought I would channel this into a rainbow. I drew a rainbow and she had a great time colouring it in. We posted the masterpiece in our window to make passersby smile. Sometimes she even waves at people from the window, especially those with dogs.

Stay Home

I think of everyone on the front line and our key workers who are helping us stay home. On Thursday I go outside and clap for the NHS. My area goes crazy with applause, spoons banging on saucepans and singing in the distance. These are strange and uncertain times but it will end and we will look back at the time we spent as a family. I am spending so much time with my little family. It’s like every day is the weekend and that’s not a bad thing. Stay home, stay safe. We are all in this together.

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