5 Benefits of our Grow With Me Leggings


Grow With Me Leggings

Our Grow With Me Leggings are one of our most popular items. We started to make our leggings after I bought a regular pair for my eldest daughter, Willow, when she was six months old. They were meant for 6-12 months but she grew out of them in 2 weeks – it was so frustrating! Soon after, my mum found a pattern for leggings which could grow with my little one. It was perfect. There was a waistband which could fold down and leg cuffs which could fold up, allowing years of wear. I loved the quirky look and when I took Willow to baby groups she recieved so many compliments on her outfit. We knew we had to add the Grow With Me Leggings to our clothing range.

Our Grow With Me Leggings are the perfect example of hand made sustainable children's clothes


We believe in slow fashion. My mum and I make every pair of leggings ourselves. The fact our leggings last for so long means less clothing items are going to landfill. Our exclusive fabrics are printed in Scotland; we try to source as much as we can locally so we leave less of a carbon footprint. We also pride ourselves on having no offcuts: we donate our fabric scraps to local nurseries and schools. If you would like some fabric scraps for a project, just send a message to tinytotstogs@hotmail.co.uk


2.Money Saving

We are delighted with how long our leggings last. Pictured below is a pair of our Thistle Grow With Me leggings next to a regular pair. Willow wore the Thistle pair for years, compared to 2 weeks with the regular pair. Sometimes I think about how many I would have bought over that time period instead of that one pair which lasted for so long. Of course, I couldn’t stop at just one; our leggings are addictive!

Grow With Me Leggings comparision


3.Stand Out From The Crowd

Do you like bright and fun leggings on your little one? Then look no further – our fabrics are eye-catching and really do stand out. We also make plain Grow With Me Leggings just in case you prefer a more simple style. The plain leggings are perfect for nursery.

Our Plain Black Grow With Me Leggings



4.Passed On

There is a saying in Scotland, “It washes like a ribbon”, which means a garment washes well. This is true with our leggings. Some of our customers who bought a pair of leggings for their little one have sent us pictures over the years. It is lovely to see our leggings grow with the child. If they have another little one the leggings can be passed on to them, or to a cousin/friend. We love to see it.


5.Supporting A Small Business

We really appreciate every sale. It allows us to pay our bills and put food on the table for our families. An order also helps us to expand our business, whether it’s booking an event or buying fabric. We have so many plans for this year, we can’t wait to show you!




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