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Finally, we have made an adult range!

Our pants are so comfy. They have a soft waistband which sits well on the waist so they don’t fall down as you move.

I have had two c-sections and I have struggled with finding underwear which doesn’t irritate my scars. I finally have some and we make them! Also, I have to add, our pants don’t give you a wedgie, best pants ever!

You can choose whether to have a matching hem or a contrasting hem.

Our pants start from a size 6 and go up to a size 24.

Size 6 Bust 83.5cm/32.5 inches  Waist 65.5cm/26inches Hips 91.5cm/36.5 inches

Size 8 Bust 86cm/34.5 inches Waist 68cm/27 inches  Hips 94cm/37.5inches

Size 10 Bust 88.5cm/35.5inches  Waist 70.5cm/28 inches Hips 96.5cm/38.5 inches

Size 12 Bust 93.5cm/37.5 inches Waist 75.5cm/30 inches Hips 101.5cm/40.5 inches

Size 14 Bust 98.5 cm/39.5 inches  Waist 80.5 cm/32 inches Hips 106.5cm/42.5 inches

Size 16 Bust 103.5 cm/41.5 inches Waist 85.5cm/34 inches Hips 111.5cm/44.5 inches

Size 18 Bust 108.5cm/43.5 inches Waist 90.5cm/36 inches Hips 116.5/46.5 inches

Size 20 Bust 113.5cm/45.5 inches Waist 95.5cm/38 inches Hips121.5cm/48.5inches

Size 22 Bust 119.5cm/48inches Waist 101.5cm/40.5 inches Hips 127.5cm/51 inches

Size 24 Bust 125.5cm/50 inches Waist 107.5cm/43inches Hips 133.5cm/53.5inches

Size 26 Bust 131.5cm/51.5 inches Waist 115.5cm/45.5 inches Hips 145.5cm/57 inches


size 10, size 12, size 14, size 16, size 18, size 20, size 22, size 24, size 26, size 6, size 8

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