Penguin Baby Car Seat Blanket


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Our baby car seat blankets are made with high quality fleece which is fully lined with fleece for Winter thickness so they are super cosy and easy to wash.

The baby size is perfect for newborn to 1 year old. The toddler size from 1 years onwards. These blankets have an universal fit so suitable for a 3 or 5 point harness. The straps pull through the blanket and the integrity of the harness is not compromised. Your baby will be securely fastened with the harness with no blanket inbetween. Our blanket folds around the outside to keep the baby warm and snuggly.

We started making these after my daugther was born, I didn’t know it was wrong to strap a baby into a car seat with a thick winter jacket. My mum made Willow a car seat blanket and I love it so much. I use the blanket everyday, I even use it in her buggy when we are walking the dog.

This is a perfect gift for a new mum to make tranferring baby to car fuss free.

All of our car seat blankets are handmade.


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